OEM Illumination – CoolLED Capabilities

Our Capabilities – Practical & People

We harness expertise from multiple disciplines to deliver complete OEM illumination solutions. These include:


  • LED ARRAY design and manufacturing together with techniques such as applying phosphors to produce light at the power and wavelength that you need.
  • THERMAL MANAGEMENT which allows us to produce more stable, longer life solutions that use less power and generate less heat and sound.
  • OPTICAL DESIGN which we use to deliver and present the light you need at the point where you require it.
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL systems to give long term precision year after year.
  • PACKAGING DESIGN whether to meet space constraints, align with your brand – or both.
  • SOFTWARE INTERFACES which integrate fully with your wider system.

All of the above is brought together by our focussed team of engineers, led by our Technical Director who has been working with LED illumination for 10+ years.  The team includes software, mechanical, optical, quality, NPI and test specialists.


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Medipan has used CoolLED LED illumination systems for many years. The ability to control the intensity of excitation of our assays for sample analysis has been crucial for the successful performance of our Aklides system. Instant on/off controlled though our system software means that the illumination is fully integrated within the product. CoolLED has worked closely with Medipan as we have developed our products to ensure compatibility and performance. A responsive helpful supplier allows our scientists and engineers to focus on our core capabilities when developing products for the life sciences.

Kai Reiser

Purchasing Manager & Confidential Clerk of Medipan and GA Generic Assays, Medipan GMBH

Andor have worked with CoolLED to transition multiple product lines to the use of LED illumination in place of older technologies. This allows us to take advantage of new levels of illumination stability and synchronised device control to enhance our products in a competitive market place. As well as meeting stringent worldwide compliance needs CoolLED have also been extremely reactive to our specific needs when it comes to optimisation of their solution to our hardware and therefore target applications

Geraint Wilde

Products Manager – Microscopy Systems, Andor Technology

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