CoolLED thrive working alongside customers to ensure their OEM requirements are fulfilled to the highest specification. We are proud that our OEM project with Nanolive, won the award  “Basel Life MipTec Product-Innovation Award 2017”. CoolLED engineers collaborated with the Nanolive team to optimise the pE-300ultra platform to meet the specific optical and spectral demands of the 3D Cell Explorer-fluo. 

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo answers to your scientific needs to combine the benefits from non-invasive cell tomography with a well-established and recognized method: multi-channel epifluorescence.

A powerful platform allowing researchers to combine non-invasive 3D tomography with fluorescent markers to extend their field of research and understand complex intracellular dynamics and structures while reducing the disadvantages of fluorescence microscopy.

The 3D Cell Explorer-fluo comes with 3 fluorescence channels and is compatible with a top stage incubator. 

DAPI configuration: DAPI + FitC + TritC

Live Cell Imaging configuration: FitC + TritC + Cy5

All-in-one configuration*: DAPI + FitC + TritC / Cy5


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