CoolLED, a leader in high end microscopy illumination has recently taken its technological know-how into wide area illumination for UV curing applications.  The UV light curing market is going through a technology shift from traditional bulbs to LED sources. The main drivers are the vast improvements available in control, stability, lifetime, running costs and maintenance.

CoolLED have developed a new wide area illumination technology that achieves extremely even levels of illumination across wide regions. Built on a modular and scalable methodology, curing solutions can now be implemented quickly and efficiently to any curing area.

Along with the modular approach users can specify required irradiance (mW/cm^2) and choice of curing wavelengths to meet their specific application needs.

Each light curing module may be swapped out and replaced easily for simplified maintenance whilst self-monitoring provides reliability and stability with feedback control.

Get in touch with CoolLED today to discuss LED illumination solutions for your curing needs now and for future projects.

Wide Area Illumination Unit from CoolLED for Curing Applications