Access the latest LED illumination technology to give your instrument the edge.

CoolLED’s OEM technology is centred on the Amora Series: our proven off-the-shelf product range adapted to offer unparalleled customisation opportunities. This provides you with an efficient and low-risk solution, while also addressing the specific needs of your application.

Spectral Coverage

Whether you need to excite a defined fluorophore set or illuminate between a broad range, we’ve got you covered:

  • The choice of LEDs is increasing all the time, currently covering from 340 – 850 nm.
  • Choose from one to twelve discrete LED channels.
  • Range of filter options for maximum compatibility, from no filters to inline excitation filters supplied by CoolLED or by you.
Light Delivery

Interfacing the light source to your instrument depends on optimising mechanical coupling and optical configuration, and we offer several options:

  • Industry-standard liquid light guide.
  • Direct fit involving opto-mechanical adaptors for a cost-effective increase in irradiance.
  • Ask us about other options such as fibre bundles.
Control & Connectivity

LED illumination is renowned for the range of sophisticated control options available, and we will aim to achieve your exact requirements based around:

  • Simple on/off per channel.
  • Global (white light) level on/off.
  • Individual and global irradiance control options.

This could be achieved through USB (Windows, GUI and serial command language), RS-232, TTL for high-speed switching (0-5 V <20 µs), or Analogue for high-speed switching and irradiance control (0-10 V, 0-50 kHz).  Breakout cables are also available to interface to your system.

Performance Criteria

CoolLED illumination technology offers powerful, homogenous illumination with a range of repeatable control options. We will develop a solution to match performance with your system requirements, such as:

  • Irradiance (mW/mm2) at the sample plane as a measure of light output.
  • Homogeneity.
  • Stability of high-speed switching.
Compliance & Certification

Design and manufacture are performed to the highest standards in line with ISO certification. We have many years of experience in providing Illumination Systems meeting a range of compliance and certification needs, such as:

  • Supplying customers who manufacture FDA-approved instruments.
  • Complying with directives and standards (CE, LVD, EMC etc.).

Ask us about other requirements.

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