CoolLED’s Amora Series:
Unmatched Customisation for Diverse OEM Applications

Designed to revolutionise the landscape of bespoke LED illumination, the Amora Series offers unparalleled customisation for a diverse range of OEM applications,
setting a new standard in flexibility and performance.
With unparalleled customisation capabilities, the Amora Series empowers clients to tailor LED illumination solutions precisely to their
unique requirements across various industries and applications.  Whether it’s high content screening, spatial biology, industrial inspection, optical inspection, automated fluorescence, semiconductor inspection and everything in between, the Amora Series delivers precision illumination tailored to the specific needs of each application.

high content screening AI

High Content Screening (HCS)

High content screening, a vital process in drug discovery and disease research, is made more efficient and effective with the customisable features of the Amora Series.

It offers precise lighting solutions optimised for high content screening applications, ensuring accurate and reliable results in drug discovery and cellular analysis.

semiconductor chip

Semiconductor Inspection

The Amora Series offers superior lighting capabilities ideal for semiconductor inspection, enabling detailed analysis and detection of defects in microelectronics with exceptional clarity and reliability.

Furthermore, its energy efficiency not only lowers operational costs but also minimises heat generation, preventing potential damage to sensitive semiconductor materials.

Spatial Biology

Spatial Biology

With customisable spectral outputs, the Amora Series enables researchers to illuminate samples with precision, facilitating advanced studies with unmatched clarity and accuracy.

In spatial biology, where understanding cellular interactions in their native environments is crucial, our platform offers the flexibility needed for intricate analysis.