Modular Approach – What do you Need?

Work side by side with our team of experts to determine exactly what you need. Then we’ll make it happen.

Fast track your new product

The CoolLED Amora modular platform is at the heart of our modular approach to creating bespoke illumination systems, streamlining the product development process.

Our experts will walk you through every stage of the process, discussing with you the following aspects:

CoolLED Amora


What are your illumination requirements?

Tell us about the fluorophores/probes/markers etc. that you plan to use.  You can also tell us the desired wavelengths but in our experience, starting discussions at a more abstract level, is more effective in defining the optimal solution.

OEM Illumination - Delivery


How will the light reach your sample or subject?

Understanding the options and constraints of your system’s performance can determine the most suitable option for delivering the light where it is required.  A full understanding of this will allow us to optimise all parts of the design process to meet your needs.  Delivery options include:

  • Directly into your device
  • Via a liquid light guide
  • Via a fiber or fiber bundle


What level of control will you have over the light?

One of the greatest advantages of LED based illumination is the ability to control. For example minimising photo bleaching, precisely synchronizing with other components in your system, or reducing power usage whilst maximising system reliability.

In order for us to understand the level of control required, we will need to know details on:

  • Wavelength selection and switching
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • External input: USB-Serial? TTL? Analogue?
OEM Illumination - Packaging


Where does the illumination solution need to sit or fit?

  • Are you looking for a standalone illumination solution?
  • Will it be integrated within your system?
  • What are the size, cooling, power and other constraints?
Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

What are your particular quality and compliance needs?

CoolLED designs and manufactures robust solid state LED illumination to the highest standards.

  • Are there specific thresholds that your products need to meet?
  • Which markets around the world will your product be offered?
  • Will it be regulated by the FDA or other agencies?
Life Cycle Planning

Life Cycle Planning

When do you need to resolve your illumination requirements and what is your next step?

We need to understand the following:

  • When are you looking to release your product?
  • When will you need prototypes and production solutions from CoolLED?
  • How long will you require supply of the desired specification?
  • Are future versions planned that you would like incorporated into the design process?

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