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The Amora Series streamlines the product development process, and below you can watch our Core Technology team explain how.

Your partner

Long-term success starts with understanding your needs early, so the first step is to determine:

  • Your technical requirement and whether it aligns with what CoolLED is able to offer.
  • Commercial requirements.
  • Project timescales.

Once we make a commitment, we deliver on all levels and in line with our consistently positive customer feedback and metrics such as on-time delivery record of 99%.


Solution development

After presenting you with a solution outline in terms of performance, likely costs and timeline, we then undergo solution development.

  • Paper-based evaluation can be misleading. Drawing from our off-the-shelf product range allows us to quickly prototype and test this initial proposal to establish baselines around performance such as irradiance and control speeds.
  • We will work with you to tweak and tune the solution, so it aligns with your feedback.

This ensures we are working with you at every stage when it comes to your requirements, and therefore working towards the same goals.

Long-term success

Progressing into a successful long-term collaboration involves agreeing additional factors such as delivery volumes and compliance requirements. CoolLED is known for its market-leading support and warranty, and all solutions include:

  • Long, fully comprehensive warranty.
  • Swap out of faulty units rather than repair in first year.
  • Support/warranty management via our ISO 9001:2015 validated support team.

As technology advances, we can also address future evolution of the custom light source in line with your product lifecycles.

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